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SISU Consulting is a boutique consulting firm for the medical, adult use, industrial, and ancillary cannabis industries. It specializes in assisting potential entrepreneurs, research institutions, established cannabis businesses, and current or future investors in the industry.

SISU works with clients at each stage of their businesses. For getting starting with cannabis license acquisition, business planning, financial modeling and review, industry & SWOT analyses, writing and reviewing pitch decks and business plans, and product/service examination.

Then to developing the blueprint of a business with facility design and review, product/service creation and review, writing and reviewing of standard operating procedures, customer acquisition and outreach plans, surveying the local markets, and creating a dossier of the competition.

Next to managing cannabis start-ups and established cannabis businesses in the short term and long term along with auditing for regulatory and legal compliance, financial conduct, supply chain efficacy, quality assurance and control, and proper technology utilization.

Finally, SISU works as an Entrepreneur in Residence for angel investors and venture capitalists for guiding their capital deployment, appraising their portfolio, and strengthening their current start-ups.

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Chief Executive Officer

Colin Earl

Colin Earl is the Chief Executive Officer of SISU Consulting, a cannabis consulting firm servicing medical, adult-use, industrial, and ancillary businesses. His firm has assisted clients in the four main subsectors of the industry, in addition to research institutions and investors, both around the world and in the United States. Colin and his team specialize in strategic leadership, license acquisition, business development, investment analysis, research and development, and process improvement. SISU Consulting is a trusted full-service boutique firm, at the highest level. Overall, SISU Consulting focuses on creating value for shareholders, and improving the operational efficiency of its clients, with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Colin Earl holds a degree in Security and Risk Analysis, Cyber Security from Pennsylvania State University, along with experience founding businesses in the auto racing engineering and cyber security industries. As always, Colin is prepared to bring his unique perspective and lessons learned to any project. 


Pennsylvania State University
B.S. Security and Risk Analysis, Cyber Security