Business Development 

From developing financial models, business plans, and pitch decks for dispensaries, extraction labs, and cultivation operations, to detailed analysis on compliance, state markets, and rare insights on competition, SISU is poised to help you realize and achieve your goals. 

Entrepreneur in residence

SISU possesses unique knowledge on market trends, startup development, and relevant risks, that allow us to responsibly and efficiently serve current and aspiring cannabis investors and firms. 


SISU specializes in outdoor and greenhouse cultivation design. Depending on your specific microclimate, our team will provide a unique facility design from the ground up. We will also assist with sourcing cultivars that will thrive in your given microclimate and market.

CBD Brand Development

The hemp derived CBD product market is poised to grow up to $625 million by 2022. This potential has unfortunately created a market with a distinct lack of consistency and accurate due diligence, at every stage of the value chain. SISU ensures potential CBD market entrants choose trusted production methods and go-to market strategies, for long term growth and sustainability.


SISU focuses on: lab maintenance and safety, ethanol extraction, steam distillation, and traditional forms of solvent-free extraction. We sell standard operating procedures for the aforementioned processes.

Product development

SISU is experienced in finding cultivars with unique cannabinoid and terpene ratios with proven efficacy against specific medical conditions for pharmacognosy applications of both strictly cannabis, and in tandem with other medicinal herbs. 


We create and distribute educational materials on cannabis for any stage of the industry, from government agencies, to employees, to patients. An educated patient, employee, and stakeholder base is integral to long term success. 

Reverse Mergers

Coming soon.